Prefilters G2 - G4

prefilter mediaRoller

Media Rolls

Media rolls can be conveniently used as pre-filters or pads to protect ducting and machines from large particles, among other applications. They should be changed regularly to keep dust and dirt from decreasing the air flow and thereby increasing energy consumption, or to avoid damage to your system.

prefilter 3030


The 30/30® has been setting the standard for pleated G4 panels for a long time. The product has a very low pressure drop throughout its lifetime and is consequently a very low-energy filter. For guaranteed G4 performance, 30/30® is the right choice.

prefilter MH

CFS MH or PH bag filter

The CFS MH or PH bag filter with synthetic media, in filter class G4, is recommended for comfort air conditioning and pre-filter applications. You can chose between a robust metal header or plastic header. All filters have welded pockets.

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